Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Williams Sonoma Inspired Pine Cone Tree

While browsing around Williams Sonoma in Salt Lake City last week, I stumbled upon these gorgeous pine cone trees! I quickly discovered that they were $40-$60 each! :O No thanks. So...I thought to myself "Why cant I make these??" So I went out to the craft store today and gave it a go! 
So I had Mr. P cut some pine cones in half for me 

Then I bought one large and one small size foam craft cone and glued moss roll onto it with hot glue. Then, I place my pine cone halves onto the mossy cone one by one. For the smallest cone that I made, I glued on miniature craft pine cones. 
While at Home Depot today, I saw a discard bin near the Christmas tree cutting station where they dispose of tree stump and branch cuttings. I asked an employee if I was free to take from it and he said yes! So I cleared it out and used these tree cookies for the base of my pine cone tree (this is not necessary for completing the project but I thought it would be a nice touch :) And....
 Here is the final product for only a fraction of what I would have paid at Williams Sonoma! This is such an easy Christmas decor project. You could either utilize pine cones from your front yard or for and extra special touch use the cinnamon scented cones and your cute table trees will double as air freshener! 
Let me know if any of you decide to tackle this project, I would love to find out how you like it :D 

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