Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Adorable Yarn Pom Pom Flowers

When I saw these lovely handmade flowers on I thought they looked some kind of a retro, vintage-y marigold. I loved the rich saffron color as well. Bottom line: I HAD to figure out how to replicate these! 
I decided my sister's baby shower in a few weeks would be a good reason to make I chose the colors chocolate and ruby. (Tip: I made the mistake of buying really chunky yarn for the brown flowers, thinking I would like it better. Well...long story short I think the end result looks best with very thin yarn)
The first step is to wrap the yarn around your four fingers no less than 100 times. Seriously. 
After you have wrapped the yarn around your hand (anywhere from 100-120 times, depending on the fullness you desire) slide the yarn off your fingers so as to maintain the shape of the bunch. Then take a cut piece of yarn at least 6 inches long, slide one side through the middle of the circle and tie it all together as tight as you can, making at least a double knot. 
Hold the bunch in your hand, holding your thumb over the piece of thread that you just used to tie the double knot. Then take GOOD, sharp scissors (you will regret if you don't follow that step! ;) and cut down the middle of the loop, creating a shaggy pom pom.
Hold your pom pom over the trash can or an area where sweeping and clean up will be easy. Start cutting your pom pom, shaping it into a neat circle and creating the size that you want it to be.
Ok sorry for the yucky trash can shot...hehe...and my purple P.J.'s. But you can see how I am shaping my pom pom...this actually took A LOT more cutting than I expected :/ This is where you will be glad you brought out the nice, sharp scissors! I actually blistered my thumb with my old scissors. Not good. 
After you have your desired shape and size all cut out, then will be the time to fluff out the pom pom a bit. Do this until it is to your liking. I wanted mine to be a bit more fuzzy....but if you want a clean cut look then skip this step completely.
Here is one of my favorite parts because I am the hot glue QUEEN! LOL! It's instant gratification :D I will hot glue anything, and call me weird but I love the smell too! Open your pom pom until the center is exposed a bit, dab a bit of hot glue and fasten it to a twig from your yard, a popsicle stick, craft wood, a piece of rusty wire...or whatever you think will best achieve the look you want. Hold the pom pom tightly onto your 'stem' until the glue dries and..presto! You've got an adorable, budget friendly vase or mason jar filler :D 
I must say the shadow on my wall is giving the illusion that my flowers are a bit bigger than they actually are, and like I said before, I think thin yarn is the way to go :) When I do my ruby colored flowers with thin yarn..I will post pictures of the difference. But the directions I provided will give you the basis on how to make the flower, and you cut and shape them however YOU like!  
Have fun!

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