Monday, December 5, 2011

Under Construction

So here it is! The Vintage Fern was named as such because number one I love vintage, and with that I also love to bring the outdoors in. All things mossy, woody, stone covered, distressed, and imperfectly beautiful are what I look for in decor, along with anything else that looks old and unique (oh and earth tones, earth tones, earth tones!!). The Vintage Fern is going to be a place we can share unique and thrifty ways to decorate, DIY projects and tutorials, cook, do fashion, herbal and natural remedies, and most importantly walk with Jesus and encourage one another in our faith. Being brand new to the blogging world and a bit technologically challenged, I hope you can bear with me while I work out some functional and aesthetic kinks here :) Im so excited and I hope you enjoy!  

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