Saturday, December 17, 2011

Just Say Spahhh...Spa Inspired Bathroom

It would be pretty sweet as a mom to get regular spa treatments (at least thats what I think!) Every time I walk into an Aveda salon to buy Shampoo or tea I just want to float away...the soothing music, the candles, and the SMELL: heavenly! But, alas, getting pampered at Aveda is just not in my schedule OR budget! Im guessing thats the case with most of us, right? Thats why I decided to recreate that amazing spa atmosphere at home. Sometimes as moms, the ONLY place we get alone time is the bathroom. I found myself wanting to decompress at night but didnt want to sit in a dingy tub overloaded with foam alphabet letters and rubber duckies. So here are some of the ways I decided to make our bathroom more like a spa retreat! (This is a great way to utilize an area thats already in your house for a "Mommy and Daddy Only" area ;)

It took me a while to collect all the soaps in this wall hanging basket but it was worth every minute because it smells SO GOOD! No need for a reed diffuser or scented plug in, these soaps create that earthy, clean spa smell. What I did was buy soaps (the Aveda ones I got for FREE!) whenever I saw them on clearance or sale, and I bought a few fancy bulk packs at Marshall's and Ross. Keep your eye out for unique bars of soap to start your display. A few other ideas you can do are add plants (like I did) loofas, sea sponges, or glass jars of bath salts. Even wash cloths in colors that match your bathroom are great fillers!
 The next thing I would suggest, to stick with your Spa atmosphere is to use earth colors (or if you like Ocean theme, blue hues with browns and tans). Green is my favorite color so I chose to use wrap my green towels in a twig roll (purchased at Michaels crafts) and I stuck a faux fern leaf in each one.
Now heres the all the packing from your personal hygiene products to create a spa 'product' display in a hurricane vase or extra large mason jar (I call this "UPcycling!"). So dont throw that pretty soap box away, or the empty jar to your hand cream. Make it look like you have a big display of spa worthy stuff. I added dried artichokes, fern leaves and wood pieces as fillers :) *Hint* this is ALSO a great way to use those mini travel size products you have laying around in that drawer somewhere!
The next step: Splurge on a nice soap (or shampoo set, or bubble bath either way) for you and your hubster. It will only cost what you might pay for a trip or two to the fast food drive through (but it will be MUCH more enjoyable for some married people bath time..LOL) You can thank me later!! So skip the drive through trips this week, cook at home and set aside the dough you would have spent and buy a nice product that the kids are NOT ALLOWED to use!!! A few suggestions are anything Aveda..
The California Baby products (yes adults love them too!!!)...
And the Zum Bar goats milk products smell amazing...
The last touch I added was a spa inspired display above my mirror (or you could achieve this by doing it on a small shelf) I leaned a clearance saucer and a few faux plants against the wall. I bought a cascading faux plant at Michaels that hangs down...and I love the end result! Its not quite as relaxing as hanging out at a posh day spa, but this is a very close second because it was done on a budget and I can come whenever I want!!! If you are inspired to do something similar in your home I would LOVE to see pics! 

Oh and I almost forgot, to add the finishing touches...add a fragrant candle, a nice towel for you and your hubby to use, or maybe even his and hers robes. So put the kids to bed, put on a pot of tea, turn the ipod onto something soothing and UNWIND! Enjoy :D 



  1. I love your soap baskit!!! <3 soo unique and cute!!

  2. Thank You Jess :) I mostly love the way it smells!!

  3. Love this! Thanks for sharing :)

  4. Thank you Vanessa, you are so sweet!