Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Woodland Birdie Baby Shower

It was definitely a Woodland Wonderland in my house when I had the privilege of throwing a baby shower in honor of my sister and my newest niece Zoe! This baby shower got us all so excited to meet this little bundle of joy :D With her birth day fast approaching, we prepared for her arrival by thanking Jesus for the gift of her precious life, eating s'mores, and making her some truly gorgeous hair accessories..among many other things ;)

The tables were adorned with burlap table cloths and a faux bois runner (which was just cheap wood print contact paper $5 a roll at Wal Mart!) The "acorns" that fell from the trees were chocolate kisses with a Mini Nilla Wafer and a chocolate chip stem.

I also decorated Ashley's head with a giant hair bow! I couldn't resist because this is such a cute and EASY hair style :D Do I smell a hair tutorial coming on? Just maybe.... ; )
A super fun and vintage-y way to serve your beverages is old fashioned soda bottles with paper straws. This was such a treat and a cute alternative to traditional canned soda

Of course the table scape was the same theme of whimsical woodland decor, lovely little birdies perched atop rustic wire cages. Twigs and wood accented just about everything (right down to the real wood disposable forks!). The birds were clearance Christmas ornaments purchased from Crate and Barrel and Target. The wire cages can be found at Tai Pan Trading. The wire basket is from Pottery Barn (I've seen very similar styles at Kohl's as well).
The serving dishes were all scored at an amazing clearance price and I'm so happy with how well they matched. The serving platter with glass lid was purchased on clearance at Crate and Barrel, the condiment serving caddy with glass dishes was clearance from Pottery Barn and the carved wood serving bowl was clearance at Target. If you know what you are looking for when planning a party, always keep your eye out for clearance. And when you are the hostess you have these little treasures to keep for your own personal kitchen decor.
One of our side dishes was White Vine Vinaigrette Pasta Salad, a Tyler Florence recipe. This was SO easy and delish. With minimal ingredients and fresh organic veggies and bow tie pasta...there were absolutely no leftovers! 

We simply took plain Kirkland water bottles and used our faux bois contact paper to make a wood print label.

To compliment the S'mores, Cookie Dough Dip was served with Graham Crackers. Simply cream together Cream Cheese, Butter, Vanilla, white and brown sugar, toffee and chcolate chips. EASY! 

And since we were feeling all woodsy and outdoorsy...traditional baby shower cupcakes were replaced with individual S'mores.
 All the adorable food labels were created by the oh-so-crafty Diane Schaefer...many thanks Diane! 

Rosemary herb roasted turkey sandwiches with bacon were served on fresh Shepherd's bread with Muenster cheese
Pictured above that were Rosemary Lavash Pita Chips served in old fashioned brown waxed paper bags. All the bags and mini clothes pins were purchased at

To jazz up plain old ice water, make one fruity and one fresh flavored water by floating strawberries or cherries in one pitcher and cucumbers in another. This was something I saw done at a spa in Palm Desert CA and I thought it was such a simple and refreshing alternative to lemon water

Ok Zoe, auntie might be coming over to borrow some of your hair clips and headbands! 

Check out Agape Live Love on Facebook to see some of Vanessa's ADORABLE vintage inspired hand-made pieces! 

One of THE CUTEST most creative ideas was orchestrated by Vanessa Workman, the owner of Agape Live Love! A hair accessory craft station where each guest crated an adorable hair piece for Zoe. Each lady put their craft in a pile and Ashley chose her favorite one. This contest was actually one of our shower games and was a totally unique way for each quest to gift Zoe with a beautiful hair accessory...and a way to save Mama lots of money since this little girlie will be SET with hair products for at least 2 years :D
This to-die-for CUTE hand made Little Birdie Taggie Blanket was given by Molly McMillan, check out her adorable stuff at Virtuous Mommy on Facebook! Absolutely adorable! 

We also had some gorgeous handmade gift bags from 31:26 (check out this lovely boutique on Facebook too!) 

I wish pictures did more justice to these amazing handmade wall letters made by Zoe's other auntie Jannae. These are just a must have for a nursery, right?!
All in all, it was just a super fun day of fellowship and fun...anticipating the arrival of sweet little Zoe! We all CAN'T WAIT to meet her!!!
Thank you to all the ladies who helped make this shower happen!
If you are planning a party or shower and have any questions about how to easily pull off the Woodland Birdie theme, products we used, recipes, or references to the businesses I listed please leave a comment and I would be happy to assist you!


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