Friday, January 20, 2012

Cowabunga ! Vintage Beach Birthday Party Ideas

I guess you could call me a frustrated wannabe party planner. I love all things themed and I have more party ideas than I do kids to throw them for so I leave these potential parties up for grabs! :D And I will admit, even though I have been born and raised in southern California..I'm just not that beachy! I'm totally a mountain girl but I still think this party would be cute for any kid. And if you choose your colors correctly it doesn't just have to be for boys. It could easily be girly or even co-ed for a party that siblings share. 
The great thing about his party is that it doesn't have to take place at the beach. As long as the weather is nice it can be done in the backyard or at a park. If you have your heart set on this theme and the weather does not agree you can totally pull this off indoors.
I saw this invitation on Etsy and it is COMPLETELY the perfect fit for what I was envisioning! It's like you stepped back into a 1960's California Dream...
I don't know about you but when I think of beach food, I think corn dogs! 
And what would be a better surf-themed drink than Hawaiian Punch? I love this old fashioned can too!

Not a fan of Hawaiian Punch you say? These are some totally cute beverage alternatives :D

I saw these beach themed treats on and the cupcakes are an idea from Martha Stewart. HOW CUTE!!!!! 
Before you start your beach party games crank up an album from the Beach will surely put your guests in the mood for some fun in the sun!
How low can you go? Beach Limbo Game
A 60's beach party would not be the same without a game of Twister!
Let the kids have a "surfing'' competition in the back yard with a Slip n Slide
And when it's time to say goodbye send all your friends away with some of these oh-so-cute and beachy favors! 
Aloha and Happy Party Planning!
Oh and here's a random afterthought for cute would it be to wear this as the hostess? 


  1. Great ideas and awesome theme. I too am a frustrated wannabe party planner, lol.

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